Instructions for Use of BabyBIG®
Read all the instructions before BabyBIG® arrives at your institution. Do not reconstitute BabyBIG® until instructed by physician. Infusion must begin within 2 hours of reconstitution.
- Please note the current dosage is 50 mg/kg -


** Please review and follow all instructions in the FDA-approved package insert **
  1. BabyBIG® should be given as soon after arrival at the pharmacy as can be arranged.

  2. Please plan in advance of its arrival with the patient's ICU/ward team so as to be ready to promptly rehydrate and administer the medicine when it reaches you. This means having a secure IV placed and a syringe infusion pump already at the bedside.

  3. Immediately notify the attending physician/patient care team when BabyBIG® arrives. Confirm with them that they are ready to administer the medicine, then begin its rehydration. Infusion must begin within 2 hours of reconstitution.

  4. As soon as rehydration is complete (usually about 30 minutes), deliver the medicine to the patient's bedside for administration.

    Please return residual BabyBIG® if > 0.5 mL to the pharmacy in the original vial. Please refrigerate this vial immediately after infusion and return it to our program by overnight courier on cold packs.

    Shipping address:

    California Department of Public Health
    Specimen Receiving, Room B106
    Attn: IBTPP - Infant Botulism Laboratory
    850 Marina Bay Parkway
    Richmond, CA 94804-6403
    (510) 231-7676